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Branson SFX550 Sonifier®

Branson SFX550 Sonifier®

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Overview. Our most powerful Sonifier®, the SFX550 easily handles high-volume applications with up to 550 watts of output power at 20 kHz. The SFX550 can process larger, viscous samples, but also provides precise control over energy output and other parameters to accommodate experiments of all sizes. All SFX Series Sonifiers provide exclusive Branson features including advanced energy mode and true temperature control.


  • True temperature control allows the user to specify a temperature range for the sample; the Sonifier automatically adjusts the ultrasonic pulse length to prevent the sample from overheating (requires optional temperature probe).
  • Advanced Control Modes: Energy mode and energy pulsing are now available in addition to the traditional timed experiment
  • In-Process Feedback Monitoring: Check on the progress of your experiment and view key variables such as power level, energy usage, sample temperature and more
  • Continuous or pulsed ultrasonics
  • Max temperature limit
  • Experiment progress indicator
  • Microtip mode, which limits amplitude to 70%
  • 550 watts output power
  • Processing up to 1000 mL